Pediatric Sleep Program

Sleep problems are among the most common complaints heard by pediatricians. Children may have a wide variety of sleep complaints. Some examples include a hard time going to sleep, snoring, some do unusual things during sleep, and being sleepy or hyperactive during the day.

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Our Pediatric Sleep Program

The Center for Sleep Medicine uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment for children with a variety of sleep problems. Our staff includes specialists from pediatrics and clinical psychology with expertise in medical and behavioral sleep medicine.

During your care with our team, you and your child will meet with a pediatric sleep physician. This is done in order to screen for underlying medical problems and to determine whether there is a need to perform diagnostic tests like a night time sleep study. The sleep physician will pursue the appropriate treatment for physical sleep related conditions, if found.

If required, a course of therapy with the behavioral sleep specialist will focus on your child’s sleep difficulties. This therapy is highly individualized and efficient in treating sleep difficulties that can be improved behaviorally.

If your child does require any testing or therapy, The Center for Sleep Medicine provides sleeping rooms, clinic rooms, sleep study and CPAP equipment that is all designed and made to be kid friendly!

Our pediatric specialists at The Center for Sleep Medicine can treat:

  • A wide variety of pediatric sleep disorders including sleep disordered breathing; insomnia; parasomnias; hypersomnias; circadian rhythm abnormalities; sleep related movement disorders and other rare sleep related conditions.
  • Children with special medical conditions such as Down Syndrome; Cerebral Palsy; children with tracheotomies; Autism; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and more.
  • Children of any age – from birth to 18 years
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If you would like to explore oral appliance therapy as a treatment option for your sleep apnea, contact us online or call us at 708-397-8482 to set up an appointment with one of our board certified sleep specialists.

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