Medical Records

How to Request Your Records

Visit our Patient Portal HERE and send us a Message!

  • Click on Messages
  • Choose Compose New
  • Change “Message Type” to “Patient Question – Medical Records Request”
  • Enter a subject and message
  • When ready, click Submit.

Medical Records Release Policy

In order to best prepare for your visit please:

  • All medical records to be released from Associates in Sleep Medicine, LLC or Sigma Health, SC require an executed “Records Release” form or an authorization letter signed by the patient, their power of attorney, or other authorized representative.
  • Only those records specifically requested may be released.
  • There is a fee applied to both the electronic and paper records.  Pre-payment is required before records are released.
    • $30.00 – Patient
    • $35.00 – Attorney Office
    • $40.00 – International
  • Records will be provided within thirty (30) days as required by law.  A special handling fee of an additional $10.00 will be charged if the records must be delivered to the patient or authorized representative within forty-eight (48) hours of the request.