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The Center for Sleep Medicine applies the highest level of medical expertise toward improving the overall health and quality of life for those individuals who place themselves in our care. We commit ourselves to providing clinical, educational and technical excellence, respect, integrity and compassion to those persons who entrust us with their sleep health.

Welcome Northshore Sleep patients!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our practice and to thank you for choosing The Center for Sleep Medicine to continue to provide the care you need for the sleep you deserve! We look forward to providing you with personalized, comprehensive health care. Please take some time to review our website to answer many of the questions you may have regarding locations, hours of operation as well as other frequently asked questions.

For information regarding Sleep Apnea care and equipment please refer to our preferred provider Advanced Health Services, Inc

Treatments, Services, and Programs

The Center for Sleep Medicine is the largest sleep medicine practice in the State of Illinois. The Center for Sleep Medicine includes six American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accredited sleep centers located throughout the Chicagoland area. AASM accreditation is the gold standard by which physicians in the community and patients evaluate sleep medicine services.

We’ll Help You Sleep Better.

At Night.  Every Night.  Without Drugs.

Just as your body needs food, air and water your body also needs sleep! To survive you must sleep! The Center for Sleep Medicine has medical doctors who are board certified in sleep medicine, clinical psychologists, dental sleep experts and other health professionals who can help your body get the restorative sleep it needs. Our board-certified sleep specialists are also board certified in another medical subspecialty such as neurology, psychiatry, internal and pulmonary medicine, pediatrics or otolaryngology. Also, the center’s staff includes behavioral sleep specialists who offer expertise in the treatment of insomnia, shift work disorders, and other sleep-related problems requiring cognitive behavioral interventions. In addition, our center has board certified dentists on staff that have specialized training in the selection, fitting and use of custom designed oral appliances that maintain an open, unobstructed airway when worn during sleep. To achieve restorative sleep the Center for Sleep Medicine takes a comprehensive tailored approach to each individual who entrusts their sleep health with us.

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